Project Details

Perinton, NY

Our clients had a story to tell. They searched throughout the east coast for a waterfront property to call home, and settled upon a piece of land that housed a 1990’s ranch. But their story didn’t end there. They wanted their new home to honor the canal’s history, and enlisted our help. Together, we were able to bring their story to life by renovating their home into a Greek Revival Farmhouse that still suited their taste for modern day luxury. With a house and barn expansion integrated with new architectural features, it seems as if this property is untouched by time.

The story of our Greek Revival Farmhouse was published in the Rochester Magazine. Click the link below to read more about this home, and for stunning interior photos by Matt Wittmeyer.

Rochester Magazine


Before - 1990's Ranch

Before – 1990’s Ranch Front View

Proposed - Front View

Proposed – Front View

Proposed - Side View

Proposed – Side View

greek revival story

Proposed – Canal View

Canal View

Canal View

Erie Image 2

Erie Image 3

Image of Erie 1